As your business grows, finding new clients to support your revenue goals can become increasingly time-consuming, and let’s face it, hustling from project to project can get downright exhausting!

What’s the answer? It might seem obvious, but staying organized with the right client management tools is one of the best ways to successfully grow your agency or freelancer business.

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You don’t need a ton of complicated solutions for effective growth. By focusing on key areas like revenue, billing and invoicing, and project management, you can gain a more strategic view of your clients and all the work you’re doing for them. 

In turn, you’ll be able to refine your services and focus on repeat projects that hold the most value, not just the urgent deadlines that are right in front of you.  

Building a predictable revenue stream

Creating a steady flow of ongoing projects is key for any growing business, but it requires breaking out of that project-to-project mindset and looking at your client engagements holistically, from scope of work, to invoicing, to revenue received. 

Growth Suite, which was built specifically to help agency owners and freelancers scale their businesses, combines client management, billing software, and managed WordPress hosting to help you see project trends and understand revenue streams in more detail, ultimately helping you create a steady stream of monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Scheduled Invoices with Growth Suite

Now, building a predictable stream of MRR is even easier with Scheduled Invoices from Growth Suite, which allows you to not only get paid for all of the amazing work you do, but get paid on time, as a recurring subscription!

Delayed or lapsed payments can certainly derail your budding revenue stream, and adding safeguards to keep things as predictable as possible can make a huge difference. 

That’s why scheduled invoices are such an integral part of Growth Suite — with the ability to set due dates and automated payments associated with your invoices, Growth Suite makes it easy to create recurring services, and puts you in control of when you’ll get paid, regardless of client action.

Scheduling invoices in Growth Suite allows you to set-up a regular billing schedule with clients that you can rely on 

Additional details about Scheduled Invoices: 

Growth Suite also makes it easy to bill clients for one-time and other recurring services (with or without a site attached), offering a clear path towards successful subscription billing. You can also apply discounts, add invoice notes, and bill your clients in multiple currencies — all under your own brilliant brand!

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